Differentiating Yourself as a Financial Advisor

February 19th at 12:00PM EST


One of the greatest aspirations of full-service advisors is to differentiate themselves from their competition- which includes other advisors, Roboadvisors and other low-cost alternatives. How can advisors clearly demonstrate they are different from the low-cost alternatives?

Join RightCapital and Jay Mooreland MS, CFP®, the founder of The Behavioral Finance Network, as he discusses how to differentiate yourself as a Financial Advisor.


You will learn:

  • How to identify an effective & different competitive advantage
  • How to message effectively
  • How to earn a prospect's trust before you meet them


Join RightCapital on February 19th at 12:00pm EST for our live webinar with Q&A.


About Jay Mooreland, MS, CFP® | Founder | The Behavioral Finance Network

Jay is a passionate advocate for progress, both personal and professional. He founded The Behavioral Finance Network which helps advisors apply behavioral finance principles to their practice and coach their clients to make better investment decisions. 

Jay has created several tools to help financial advisors differentiate themselves and coach their clients to make more thoughtful, deliberate decisions. He has authored several journal articles on the topic of behavioral biases and wrote the Amazon best seller, The Emotional Investor: How Biases Influence Our Investment Decisions... and What You Can Do About It

Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from San Jose State University and a Master of Science in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. He currently resides in St. Paul, MN with his wife, two children and a British Lab. 


About RightCapital

RightCapital is a next generation financial planning software. A user-friendly interface and interactive, easy to use tools help advisors simplify the financial planning experience for clients. A rigorous and robust calculation engine generates results quickly and accurately, providing confidence and flexibility for advisors.


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